Our Story…

Thanks again for stopping by. It amazes and encourages us that you have. Let’s tell you how we got here.

This site is run by Katie and Phil Sweeting. We’ve been involved in Christian Ministry for over 20 years. We love that, but it can be very ‘intangible’ and in recent years we have re/discovered the joy of making things. Not only do we enjoy that there is something physical to show for it, the process of making/creating is absorbing and relaxing. We believe that we’ve all been made to be creative, but we don’t all get the chance to express that.

Katie’s much more artistically inclined, and is loving experimenting with lino and wood-cut printing, and whittling and carving in wood. She’s also a dab hand with a pyrography iron, but has only used it for decorative purposes so far and never to win an argument…

After 40 years of being told that he’s ‘not practical’ Phil has discovered that he actually really enjoys the creative and problem-solving aspects of making things from wood. He started small – with napkin rings, tea-light holders and trivets – but is really enjoying trying out larger pieces like coffee tables now.

Why ‘SweetReCreation’?

We hope the ‘Sweet’ bit is obvious. It’s from our surname, geddit? And we hope that some of our pieces might also merit the adjective.


There are several things going on here. ‘Re.’ can mean ‘regarding’ or ‘concerning’ and we love to work from and with natural materials and inspired by the wonderful creation – so our work is ‘concerning creation’. But, especially Phil, loves to work with ‘recycling’ materials – often pallet wood and roof joists – in order to do our bit for the environment, and keep costs down!


Most of all we love working in wood – and the ‘Creation’ bit speaks of the beautiful creation in which and from which we work.

It makes sense to us. We hope you like our ethos and our work. We’re going to keep on trying to get better.